2022 AHF Annual Conference - FISH Talks 

FISH Talks™ (Food, Innovation, Service, and Hospitality) are short 15-minute presentations on
innovative and unique topics by subject matter experts. Each focuses on a different area of the
industry leaving viewers with a series of inspiring ideas. Watch each of our four FISH speakers as they take us through the “New Directions” we can expect in Food, Innovation, Service, and Hospitality. 

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Recordings & Handouts


Talent Selection in the Great Resignation 
Kaityln Nishimi, Pacific Retirement Services 
We’re not in 2019 anymore. Challenge yourself to look at recruiting in a whole new way!
The burden is now on the company to attract talent, and the younger generations have very
different priorities when it comes to their job search.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Attendees will learn to maximize their candidate pool
  2. Attendees will learn to maximize effectively communicating with candidates
  3. Attendees will learn to maximize the hiring/interview process
Automation the Age of...NOW
Peter Testory, University of Wisconsin-Madison
As the foodservice industry continues to transform over the next several years, the way we
do business will continue to change. The pandemic has forced us to rethink many things, the
biggest one is how can we continue to do more with less. While automation has been a topic
for many years, the lasting effects of the pandemic will increase the full arrival of the age of

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Implementing any automation into your program must be strategic and you must ask yourself, "What problem are you solving?"
  2. Implementing automation is not intended to replace current labor. Implementing automation should be implemented to fill in the gaps and allow your current staff to do more meaningful work
  3. Automation allows greater access to food options with requiring there to be staff
Working Together: Hospitality Staffing in the Healthcare Setting
Jeanine Cosgrove, At Your Service Staffing
There are several benefits to working with a hospitality focused staffing company that will improve consumers experiences in the healthcare and senior living setting. The term labor is important and lends itself to a basic definition of the assistance you may need. However, the terms “labor” and even “temp” have become outdated and even demeaning to the individuals working in the industry. Hospitality professionals is what a people focused hospitality staffing company can provide to their partners. These professionals know basic service but also possess a good attitude, which is a characteristic you cannot train. These professionals can assist in food service operations and bring a deeper level of customer service, the hospitality heart, that elevates service, not commodity staffing.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Attendees will learn the difference between labor/commodity staff and hospitality, or people focused staff
  2. Attendees will learn best practices of a hospitality focused organization
  3. Attendees will learn how to improve patient experience as well as the pros and cons of fractional support and how hospitality focused staffing companies can be a true partner to Operators in the healthcare and senior living industries
Building Teams Amidst Chaos 
Jeffrey Thompson, Gundersen Health
There is always change, sometimes it is much more crisp and spicy. We will explore what it takes to
build a resilient staff.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. What can be done long before a crisis to prepare for change?
  2. What does it take to make communication effective?
  3. What outcomes change when you switch from being in charge of to being responsible for your staff?