Technology Adoption to Improve Employee Experience and Patient Satisfaction

Join Maia Crockett, an Account Executive at Volanté Systems, as she guides you through the key factors impacting the hospital satisfaction ecosystem. In this session, Maia will explore the interconnectedness between patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and the pivotal role of retail dining technology in creating positive outcomes.  

You will discover how dining technology can elevate employee experiences and boost patient satisfaction, ultimately improving hospital operations and Press Ganey scores. Attendees will learn actionable strategies that benefit all stakeholders, streamlining processes, saving time and costs, and enhancing convenience.

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Gain insight into the symbiotic relationship between employee satisfaction and patient care outcomes within hospital settings. 
  2. Explore effective measures for improving employee satisfaction facilitated by technology solutions.
  3. Understand the direct impact of enhanced employee satisfaction on operational efficiency and overall success for hospital operators.
  4. Learn how to understand and implement technology to create a harmonious ecosystem where patients, employees, and operators thrive, leading to improved hospital satisfaction metrics and Press Ganey scores.

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  • Duration:  1 hour 
  • Accreditation: 1.0 CEU - AND (through 5/21/2025) & ANFP (through 12/31/2026) 
  • Type: Monthly Webinar

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Maia Crockett
Volanté Systems

Maia Crockett is an accomplished Account Executive at Volanté Systems, specializing in innovative technology solutions for the healthcare foodservice industry. With a passion for leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and improve dining experiences, Maia brings a unique blend of expertise in both psychology and communications to her role.


Graduating with a double major in Psychology and Communications from the University of Ottawa in 2017, Maia developed a keen understanding of human behavior and effective communication strategies, which she now applies to her work in the fast-paced realm of technology sales.


As an Account Executive at Volanté Systems, Maia has played a pivotal role in helping healthcare foodservice providers streamline their operations and elevate their service standards through technology solutions. Her dedication to understanding hospital needs and delivering tailored solutions has earned her recognition as a trusted advisor in the foodservice industry.


Through her presentation, Maia aims to empower attendees with practical strategies for leveraging technology to drive efficiency, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance overall quality of care.